NO DELETES is your hub for

Financial and Life Coaching


This is done by encouraging, equipping, and energizing you to be your BEST!

We walk you through a 3 step process of



See how your unique wiring and experiences can empower you to accomplish your BEST! Discover how what you like, love, and enjoy can be used to help you paint the future you want to see financially and personally.



Equips you with practical proven methods to guide you in creating and reaching your goals to become your BESTYou determine the future you want to see by developing a personalized plan of action.





Develop a clear plan of action that helps you stay focused through milestones and timelines.  As you progress and reach your goals you will be propelled towards becoming your BEST!

Bryan comes with a wealth of practical knowledge and experience that are extremely applicable.

                                                                                                                                           Pastor Dan Friesen

What Do You Get?

  1. Confidence: Knowing you have a plan for your life and money.
  2. Clarity: Seeing a picture of the future and how to get there.
  3. Understanding: Discovering the best practices for your life and money to help you reach your goals.
  4. Perspective:  You get the insight of someone who has walked through the principles taught and can teach you how to apply them to your specific situation.
  5. Freedom:  Taking control of your money and life and do not feel like it is taking control of you.

Bonus: You will not have to go through all of the trail and errors others went through.


  1. A clear personalized plan that will help you reach your goals.
  2. Timeless financial and life principles that will help guide you long after the coaching is over.
  3. A coach that loves helping people and seeing them discover new principles that help them grow.
  4. Self-confidence in all areas of life
  5. Using your life to honor God and how he designed you to live.